‘The 2018 Global diplomats Night of Chinese Culture’ was successfully held at the China World Hotel in Beijing on December 8,

More than 300 diplomats from 120 countries around the world have gathered in China.








The event has been successfully held for four times since 2015. The aim of the event is to carry forward the “Silk Road Spirit” and to face the world with a foothold in China. The purpose of the event coincides with the GTCIF Asia-Pacific Twin cities International Arts Festival. GTCIF Asia-Pacific Twin cities International Arts Festival since its inception has always advocated the direction of talent and public welfare, with the art and love to train people to face the world of the original intention, to provide a diversified international platform to make contributions.







Since the beginning of the Asia-Pacific Twin cities International Arts Festival in China, it has won the support of people from all walks of life at home and abroad. The propaganda Department of the Shanghai Municipal Party Committee and the Shanghai Asian Music Festival, the Shanghai Garment Society, the Jiayin Music Company, the Donghua University, the Victorian Governor’s Office (AU), the Melbourne City Hall (AU), the University of Melbourne (AU), etc.Participate in hosting and co-sponsoring.




This year, Melbourne, Sydney and Shanghai have all linked up. The Asia-Pacific Twin cities International Arts Festival currently includes Melbourne and Shanghai, Dubai and Beijing, Vancouver and Shanghai, Milan and Shanghai, Bangkok and Shanghai, Kuala Lumpur and Shanghai, and other cities. Cultural and artistic exchanges.






The Asia-Pacific Twin cities International Arts Festival will jointly establish the concept of “Belt and Road” with the “Global diplomats’ Night of Chinese Culture,” to enhance the understanding of countries around the world about China’s economic, social, and cultural development. It has not only shown the world a broad and profound Chinese culture, but also promoted mutual understanding between China and other countries, and opened a new window for cultural and people-to-people exchanges between different countries.